Women’s Shoes and Sizes

We have recently been talking to people who search for women’s wide shoes, yet still experience a great deal of frustration when shopping online. That’s one reason why we provide news and reviews of today’s popular yet comfortable footwear that really fits.

Yes, we focus on women with wide feet needing shoes in bigger sizes, but we also take delight when we discover cute sandals or boots in any size or width, including narrow or medium. But, we really want to find cute footwear for all you ladies who need a wider fitting shoe to pair with all your fashion wardrobe needs.

The Softspots “Neima” is a great example of casual to dressy sling-back shoes that’s available in wide widths W(D) and WW (EE). We really like the black patent leather, but the dark brown, red and off white are equally stylish.

They’re made with a comfortable 2 1/2 inch heel and Softspots well known memory foam footbed which really cushions and conforms to the shape of a woman’s foot. We’ve seen many reviews from customers who said they wore these open toed sandals for several hours the first day and never felt any pain. No blisters or discomfort, they just raved over the comfort, especially with the soft cushioning.

These are pretty shoes that could be worn to work, a wedding or just for fun.

Another great sandal with lots of comfort built in, the “Tranquil” from Earth brand of shoes is getting it’s share of publicity. It has a perforated insole that allows your feet to breathe. Large sizes from 5 to 12 available.

Take a look at this beautiful Moda Spana “Desert” peep toe shoe with an adjustable ankle strap. With a 3 1/4 inch heel, the eel skin upper is very fashionable.

You’ll find that this is an elegant looking shoe with a lovely leather finish and outstanding detail.

We’re hearing favorable comments about a David Tate “Chloe” sandal that offers a striking fashion look many of you will enjoy.
This beautiful sandal has a two inch heel, adjustable backstrap and a woven leather upper. We think the teardrop opening looks especially cute on your foot.

Once you slip your feet into this attractive shoe, it looks even better than the pictures we saw at zappos. You’ll find these David Tate sandals in black, white and platinum.

Naturalizer Prissy. Here is a flattering, strappy shoe that comes in a 2 3/4 inch heel and an elasticized ankle strap. These are extra comfortable, cute women’s wide shoes that will be worn by countless shoppers to upcoming weddings or a night out for dinner.

Here’s a startling fact about the average woman’s shoe size. Did you know that 88 percent of women’s footwear is not large enough? That’s right. According to the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society (AOFAS), adult females are wearing shoes that are not broad enough across the widest part of their foot, and that results in poor fitting footwear. Women are walking around in pain.

And let me admit something to you right now…

I used to be one of those women who wore shoes that were not wide enough! Yes, my feet suffered for my mistake, just so I could be seen wearing fashionable footwear. You name it and I wore it. I’ve bought many styles of dress shoes, work shoes, high heels, pointy toes, round toes, t-straps. The list goes on.

Ladies have suffered enough heel pain, bunions, deformed toes – even nerve damage, because their shoes were too narrow.

Well, I don’t do that anymore. It’s amazing how much better my feet and even my knees feel now that I order wide shoes. And, I own a lot of shoes! Everything from casuals and sandals to dressy evening shoes. I’d have to say that the majority of my shoes were purchased online.

Some stores (which I refuse to disclose) on the internet will not get any repeat business from me. However, I am happy to recommend shops that are reliable and trustworthy. These are online stores that either myself or other women have ordered wide shoes from and that have excellent service.

Shoe Tips and More…

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You know, I used to avoid sandals because my feet were… well, just not as attractive as I wanted them to be.

I had dry skin which resulted in cracked heels and feet, especially during the winter months. I finally found a great “heel balm” available at most stores which eventually solved my problem. Now my skin is soft and pain free. And the most important news is that I can comfortably wear my favorite wide fitting shoes & sandals again.